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Conquering High Waters with the Ford Ranger

The ability to deal with extreme weather conditions and hazards such as flooding over roads is something all safe vehicles for aid and development should have.

5 Year Warranty

All Ford vehicles supplied by KJAER & KJAER comes with the best warranty available in the International Aid & Development sector.

The Next Generation!

The new XL125-LEK is purpose built as a dual purpose motorcycle suitable for towns and challenging environment. Simply Superior!

Ford Sustainability report 2016/17

Ford will continue to invest in facilities, products and infrastructure that go beyond today’s business models and help create a sustainable future.

Safe vehicles for Aid & Development – a click away

KJAER & KJAER is the proud and authorised provider of project-ready Aid & Development vehicles. The best part of our service is our optimal logistics solution: we are able to deliver vehicles to any location while providing you with advice based on our experienced and renowned fleet management solutions. We provide accessories and fitments for your vehicles according to your needs. Not to mention, we provide exceptional aftersales support and spare parts delivery when and where you need it.

  • Drive QualityDrive Quality
  • Drive SafeDrive Safe
  • Drive GreenDrive Green
  • Drive SmartDrive Smart

With diverse Ford models and function types, from passenger to utility vehicles, our comprehensive Ford vehicle portfolio can meet your organization’s unique requirements. Choose from our wide variety.

There you have it! Activate fleet management solutions with KJAER & KJAER and focus on delivering Aid where it is needed. We will handle the rest!


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