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How We Make it Possible

Comprehensive Ford vehicles and Honda motorcycles deliverable to any location
Finding you the right transport solution, so you can deliver Aid on time

We are the authorized supplier of Ford vehicles and Honda motorcycles to the International Aid & Development sector. This includes United Nations Agencies, Non-Government Organizations (NGO), International Aid Agencies, International Development Organizations, Diplomats and Expatriates.


We have specialized in providing vehicles for your daily operations, whether it is providing emergency assistance, relief work,  abating a humanitarian crisis, diplomatic posting, foreign service, insecurity, disasters in the form of earthquakes, flood, hunger, epidemics etc.


Most humanitarian and relief work takes place in developing countries where the road infrastructure are poor or inadequate at best and finding reputable service stations might probably be difficult.


KJAER & KJAER is a partner that understands your unique challenges in the field, therefore we can provide you the most comprehensive mobility solutions.


We stay on the pulse of changes and complexities in providing Humanitarian assistance, providing advice and transport solutions for remote locations, difficult terrain or peculiar challenges with our top notch humanitarian logistical solutions partner.


As a KJAER & KJAER customer, you are always our priority


We promise to ‘make it possible” for you to deliver Aid anywhere


Partnering with KJAER & KJAER means you will have access to:

  • Our in-depth knowledge of emerging markets

  • 50-years experience of working in this sector

  • Extensive network of dealers

  • Existing partnerships within the International Aid & Development sector

  • Innovative and technologically advanced vehicles - work smarter not harder!

  • Providing you support after purchase with insights on Modern Fleet Management and Maintenance.

We remain your firm partner during your international postings, ensuring your move abroad is effortless especially when it comes to obtaining vehicles, our happy customers are our referrals.


We are always there and do our utmost to get it right for you, so you can make a difference where it really counts!


Make it possible!




Groennemosevej 6

5700 Svendborg, Denmark

Tel: +45 62 221 111


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