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New fleet calculator

Check out your savings and benefits!

What is your "right" fleet size?

Rightsizing is not just downsizing - it is more than simply utilizing smaller engines. It involves ensuring the optimal number of properly spec’ed vehicles are available for fleets to fulfil their mission.

We are proud to have full recognition from Fleet Forum. Paul Jansen, Executive Director says, “We encourage initiatives like KJAER & KJAER’S Optimize and Protect your fleet initiative." Please scroll down to see full Fleet Forum endorsement.

KJAER & KJAER believes in the importance of smart development projects and we are conscious of the carbon footprint left by vehicles. We have therefore provided a fleet calculator to help with the challenge of rightsizing a fleet.

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Optimize & Protect - See the Benefits

This is a unique calculator specifically developed to provide a quick and easy overview of cost savings and environmental benefits.

See how the different fleet combinations affect your budget and the size of your carbon footprint.

Play with the figures to see which combinations match your needs and budget.


Facts about the calculations: 

Calculations are based on following vehicle values including estimates on finance, maintenance, insurance, fuel price and fuel consumption. 

  • Large 4WD: $40.000
  • Medium 4WD: $30.000
  • Sedan: $20.000  

˃ Prices are based on total running costs for 5 years / 100.00 km per vehicle.


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The optimal fleet

We know that vehicles play a critical part to the success of any project and that they also represent a serious investment.

The online fleet calculator is specifically developed to assist you in making the best possible choice – matching your exact needs.


Let us show you the benefits!

We have the experience and the expertise to help you choose the most suitable transport solution, so you can invest your budget where it can do the most good. Our extensive inventory of pickups, SUVs, cars and motorcycles allows you to make the right choice.


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SOURCE: The calculations are based on figures from UNITED NATIONS ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAMME
Tool Kit 18. Please click here to read more about UNEPS work and to view Tool Kit 18 in further detail. Or download the complete tool here via Fleet Forum.


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Optimize & Protect is a KJAER & KJAER initiative endorsed by Fleet Forum


Fleet Forum fully endorse the KJAER & KJAER initiative to create maximum awareness on optimizing fleets & protecting the environment. Transportation has a prominent impact on the various environments: social, physical, and quality of life. It is vital that we all take responsibility for our actions - we must optimize & protect now! "Therefore we encourage initiatives like Kjaer & Kjaer's Optimize and Protect your fleet initiative", says Paul Jansen, Executive Director Fleet Forum  

Read more about Fleet Forums work here.

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