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Make the right vehicle choice and discover the world around you!
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Overseas postings is an experience of a life time! 

Each year thousands of expatriates are posted overseas to countries with very different cultures, rules and challenges and getting the right support and advice is a key factor for a successful stay and enjoyable experience. 


Vehicle supplier

KJAER & KJAER, part of KJAER GROUP, has supplied vehicles to the international Aid & Development sector for more than 50 years and fully understand the transport challenges people are faced by when operating in this area. The core of our business is in Africa, but we can assist throughout the Aid & Development community. 

We have a partnership agreement with Ford and can supply most models. However, many of our customers specifically request powerful 4x4 and off-road capabilities to make sure the vehicle can conquer the, at times, harsh environment. 

(KJAER & KJAER's headquarters is in Denmark and some therefore refer to us as KJAER Denmark) 

Vehicle insurance

We also have a an exclusive partnership agreement with Clements WorldWide, which makes it possible for us to offer all our Expatriate customers a very competitive vehicle insurance rate!

Please scroll down or click here to see the main benefits of the WorldAuto vehicle insurance. 

˃ Please contact Patty Naicker, or fill out form below, for a vehicle and/or insurance quote.  


Vehicle specific information: 

Please click here to view our Ford model line-up.

Please click here for more details on the New Ranger incl. specifications and comparisons.

Please click here for more details on Ford Everest incl. specifications and comparisons.

Please click here for more details on Ford Explorer incl. specifications and comparisons


We can also assist with Ford passenger vehicles such as Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus, just to mention some of the other Ford models available, if the environment is not too demanding.

Please click here for more model specific information incl. specifications and comparisons.


Quote: “I want to thank you for the excellent service you provided in the sale and delivery of our new Ford Everest. I am accustomed to facing delays and challenges working in Africa, but the service you provided rates among the best I’ve ever experienced. “



Expat Insurance

Our partnership with Clements WorldWide enables us to offer our Expatriate customers the best possible insurance coverage. It is an added service we are proud to have on offer - we know it works! You always have the option of communicating with us or Clements, we are both here to assist you.

Clements Worldwide offers unique protection for Expatriates - having developed an international insurance program specifically to protect Expatriates and international organizations. Their claims handling is fast and efficient!


˃ Please contact us for a quote and/or advice on reliable vehicle insurance to make sure you have adequate protection when touring and exploring different countries during your posting.


More information

Click here to see the main benefits of the WorldAuto vehicle insurance

Click here for an introduction to international insurance for Expats.   

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Contact Information

I will be very happy to assist you!

Patty Naicker

Sales Professional- Expatriates & Diplomats 
Please contact me on:
Tel: +27 11 043 7701
Cell: +27 76 481 4083


The WorldAuto vehicle insurance is specifically developed to protect International organizations and expatriates. The WorldAuto policy is a unique global vehicle insurance.


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