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Vehicle insurance customized to protect international organizations and expatriates

The WorldAuto vehicle insurance is specifically developed to protect International organizations and expatriates. The WorldAuto policy provides broad global vehicle coverage - also in high risk locations where most other insurance policies do not!  


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Please scroll down for an overview of what makes it unique. 

Important: We have negotiated exclusive rates and conditions as part of our partnership agreement with Clements WorldWide.

Global insurance provider

KJAER & KJAER has partnered with Clements WorldWide who has more than 60 years of experience with international insurance protection - between us we have more than 110 years experience and therefore fully understand our customers.

We know that everybody operating in the International Aid & Development sector are likely to face risks and challenges, which needs reliable back-up and urgent attention, Clements Worldwide have based their insurance programs and customer service on exactly that.


The WorldAuto policy

See below main benefits and coverage options available.

Main benefits

  • One worldwide rate regardless of country risk
  • Worldwide cross border coverage
  • Terrorism coverage
  • Political Violence, strikes and riots
  • Simple and fast claim procedure
  • Third party liability protection incl. medical payment
  • Comprehensive coverage in hard currency


Coverage options

  • Physical Damage – Protection for damage caused to your vehicle
  • Excess Liability – Worldwide coverage for third-party related damages up to *$1,000,000
  • Political Violence – Coverage for physical damage to vehicle occurring as a result of war, terrorism, strikes, riots, or civil unrest
  • Personal Accident – Coverage for drivers and passengers who sustain bodily injury or death as a result of an accident
  • Duty Coverage – Insurance to cover the costs of duty taxes to replace a vehicle

 * For personal WorldAuto insurance policies (Expatriates) Liability Coverage is up to $500.000.


What makes it unique... 

High risk areas:

When working in high risk and remote locations a reliable and fast service with personal guidance and assistance is vital! In partnership with Clements Worldwide we are always here to assist you and to take immediate action. 

Core values:

The WorldAuto Policy is based on broad coverage, simple and transparent procedures ensuring full support to all corners of the world.

Simple and fast claim procedure:

It is in a claim situation that a policy is put to its test and the WorldAuto's simple procedures ensures that most claims are authorized within a few days.

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Expatriate Vehicles

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