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Exceptional Customer Service

Our team delivers again

KJAER & KJAER customer service team delivers on its promises to be with you all the way.

This was true especially for an expatriate moving to Namibia. Once his Ford Ranger order was placed the team took over, with constant communication regarding the status of his order.

When it came to dealing with particular tax free options regarding importation, the KJAER & KJAER team based on experience was able to adequately advise the customer on what steps to take. The astonished client couldn’t believe his luck in benefitting from KJAER & KJAER’s over 50 years experience.

From order to cargo to clearing, the Logistics and customer care team stayed in touch with the client. They informed him of the expected date of arrival of his Ranger to Windhoek, complete with paperwork and all the necessary details.

Once his Ford Ranger arrived, KJAER & KJAER organized a complimentary PDI at the local Ford dealer to run routine checks on the Ranger before hand over. This is to give the client peace of mind, confirming that the vehicle is in excellent condition.

Here is what he had to say,

“The vehicle is registered and on the road.

I would like to express my appreciation for the professional work you all have done. Even though only one simple vehicle is involved, I did not expect such a smooth process.

Thank you very much and continue the good work.”


Order your vehicles from KJAER & KJAER; let us take over the hassle of your vehicle requirements and delivery while you focus on more crucial aspects of your new posting.

Contact our Expatriate specialist for your vehicle needs

Patty Oliver

Sales Professional- Expatriates & Diplomats 
Please contact me on:
Tel: +27 11 043 7701
Cell: +27 76 481 4083
Email: p.oliver@kjaer.co.za

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