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Ranger on Tour Feedback

This is what the customers say about the All-New Ranger!

Ranger on Tour


The All-New Ranger has been tested and challenged by NGO's in Zimbabwe & Kenya - in their own environment. The NGO's had the opportunity of challenging the Ranger in all their project locations.

Please read their feedback below:


Extremely efficient

"One of the strong points for the Ford Ranger is
the fuel consumption, it is a very efficient and
very comfortable vehicle."



 Better than its competitors

"We enjoyed the Ranger and our guys did not want to release it. Generally everyone said the New Ranger is better than the Toyota Hilux."



Great features

"This is a very good vehicle. It is roomy, it turns
well, performs well off road, have more power for
a 2.2 engine, better all-round visibility than the
Toyota and the suspension is great."



Superior Comfort

"I took a ride in it and almost forgot we were cruising on a rough road, the interior is just comfortable not forgetting the stereo that makes it feel like you are not in remotest part of the country..."



"Is great on sandy and loose grounds, its traction gives it the stability a driver needs especially on wet and sandy grounds. I had no problem manoeuvring where others failed! Surprisingly from all the places I passed, I only used the four wheel drive once, - that was at a spot where the sump guard was, at times, touching the ground due to bad road and muddy section of the road."


Beating the others yet again

"My two cents on the vehicle: I think the alignment , turning ratio, and visibility are better than the Toyota. It's a bit noisier – which doesn't really matter as long as it performs. The inside seems a bit roomier than Toyota as well."



Changing perceptions

"Thank you for the opportunity to test drive the Ford Ranger, our perception has changed".





Solid solid solid

"The Ranger is so comfortable; sometimes I hardly noticed it manoeuvring unstable grounds while seated in the back seat. It is spacious and designed in a simple, unique and fancy way..."


Falling in love

"I confirm receipt of the Ford Ranger and we are
all in love again!"




Want one!

"If I could - I would buy one on the spot!!!!"



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