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Why Four-Stroke Motorcycles

Better economy, lower running cost, longer life span, less polluting & maintenance

Motorcycles for the International Aid & Development Sector 


Honda is the world's largest producer of four-stroke engines and the market leader on quality four-stroke motorcycles in the Aid & Development sector.

With legendary four-stroke engine technology and enviable cost of ownership, Honda’s proven motorcycles are the workhorses of the international Aid & Development community.

KJAER & KJAER supplies the high quality Honda XL 125 to international companies and organizations operating in this sector. 

The XL125 series are built to handle diverse conditions. Honda in Africa and Honda off-road are areas where they really excel! 

 Key Features for a four-stroke motorcycle?

Here we list the most important reasons for operating motorcycles with 4-stroke engines versus two-stroke engines.   

  • Best in class cost of ownership and lifetime value
  • Reduced emissions with UNEP endorsed four-stroke engines
  • Lifetime utility rates and ownership costs surpassing competing brands
  • Very rugged and long lasting construction
  • No addition of two-stroke oil


Recommended by UN

The endorsement of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is clear:

“A four-stroke engine is superior to a two-stroke because of less pollution, better fuel economy, less maintenance and a longer lifespan. Given the four-stroke engines are inherently cleaner, more modern in design and enable further emission reductions when clean technologies are installed, it is suggested that all new motorcycles produced and imported into developing countries should be of the four-stroke type.”

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Model lineup

Please click to learn more about our Honda model lineup.

Expert advice

We have a professional and experienced sales team offering expert advice on all matters related to transport solutions in the Aid & Development sector, please feel free to contact any of our Sales colleagues. For more information and advice on the Honda Accessories contact our Parts & Aftersales Specialist.

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Contact us for more information

Contact me today for any additional information and I will happily assist you.

Motorcycle Warranty

All motorcylces supplied by KJAER & KJAER come with the best warranty available in the International Aid & Development sector.


The recommendation of (UNEP) is clear: “A 4-stroke engine is superior because of less pollution, better fuel economy, less maintenance and a longer lifespan


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