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Global warming and energy sustainability are now critical issues

Most of the energy sources we consume today are fossil fuels and the threat of exhausting these resources is growing closer. Recognizing the international aid and development community account for the majority of vehicles and motorcycles being brought into the low and middle income countries, UNEP and KJAER & KJAER have published a folder on procurement and use of motorcycles.


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Based on comprehensive research, they clearly illustrate that a 4-stroke motorcycle is significantly cleaner than a 2-stroke motorcycle. UNEP’s research proves that a 2-stroke engine has much higher emissions than a 4-stroke largely because of a cleaner combustion and a much better fuel economy of the 4-stroke motorcycle.



Honda is the world´s largest producer of 4-stroke engines and the market leader (98%) for motorcycles in the Aid and development market.

With legendary 4-stroke engine technology and enviable cost of ownership, Honda’s motorcycles are the proven workhorses of Aid and development operations.


The recommendation of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) is clear:

“A four-stroke engine is superior to a two-stroke because of less pollution, better fuel economy, less maintenance and a longer lifespan. Given the four-stroke engines are inherently cleaner, more modern in design and enable further emission reductions when clean technologies are installed, it is suggested that all new motorcycles produced and imported into developing countries should be of the four-stroke type.”


Access the PDF version of this document here.

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