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Honda XL125-LEK

The Next Generation for Honda XL125

A Motorcycle Built for Superior Performance


Honda’s latest model motorcycle, the new Honda XL125-LEK is a dual purpose built motorcycle suitable for towns and challenging environment. It comes with genuine off-road tires and other upgraded specifications suitable for diverse terrain.                                                                          Click Haand

Designed to take on the unpredictable

Countries all across Africa are challenged by varying road conditions, or they lack a road completely. This means you require a motorcycle that can get you safely from point A to point B, whatever the conditions may be. Honda Africa makes motorcycles with these capabilities available, and at competitive prices! Honda not only makes these motorcycles available but prides itself on designing motorcycles for exactly this purpose.

The Latest Design and Specifications

The Honda XL125-LEK is the latest model of the wildly popular Honda XL models. It is a true classic, which has been popular for several decades - and is expected to remain so for many more!


The Honda XL125-LEK has a loyal following especially in Africa, and it's easy to see why!

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Key Features

Strong Torque

Strong torque throughout the rpm range . 4-stroke
125cc engine offers quick starts, powerful acceleration
and outstanding fuel economy.

 Wheel Wire Poke

Blaze your trail with light and tough wire-poke 21 inch
large wheel and block pattern tyres. It provides excellent
handling even on rough road.

 Strong & Sturdy Rear Carrier

Strong and sturdy standard equipped rear carrier to
transport various items and boxes for delivery with ease.

 Excellent Visibility - Speedometer

The simple speedometer, trip meter and indicators ensure
excellent visibility.

 Comfortable Seat

The comfortable seat reduces rider fatigue in travel for
hours and its configuration allows ease of reach to the

 Easy Maintenance Drum Brakes

Drum brakes at the rear and the front for reliability and
easy maintenance.

 12 Litre Fuel Tank

12 litre fuel tank coupled with economic motor means less
fuel stops, longer distances.

 Advanced Pro Link Rear Suspension

The advanced Pro-link rear suspension lets you ride in
superb comfort.


How Honda XL125-LEK was built as a motorcycle for Aid & Development?

  • Improved ground clearance that is suitable for challenging terrain
  • Suspension covers to prevent damage to suspension 
  • Large fuel tank capacity - 12 litres
  • Ring chain - important for reduced maintenance costs     
  • Improved torque at low range
  • Spoke wheels in the front and rear making it ideal for both on and off-road
  • Improved seat design for improved comfort
  • Kick and self-starter


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Parts and Accessories

You will need safety helmets, spare parts kits and other accessories for your Honda Motorcycle, please click here to browse our selection.Click Haand


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Stock and delivery

 The Honda XL125-LEK makes a great addition to any fleet getting your riders safely across busy city street and trailing confortably off-road. Delivering aid has never been easier. It is available from stock, request a quote, simply click the contact us button below.

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Next Generation Honda XL125-LEK

Regardless of the terrain, distance and weather, Honda Motorcycles are designed to get you there and back in record time. Browse key features built in to make that happen


The recommendation of (UNEP) is clear: “A 4-stroke engine is superior because of less pollution, better fuel economy, less maintenance and a longer lifespan


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