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100 Years in 100 Seconds

Henry Ford's exceptional drive for innovation and development

This is not a film only for car enthusiasts but a very impressive piece of history!

Fascinating 100 seconds about the growth and development of the automotive industry driven by Ford.

.....Workers getting double pay so they could afford to buy the cars they built
.....The lenght of assembly lines have grown from 46 meters to 32 kilometers!

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Historic milestones...

Henry Ford introduced the Model T. It costs $850 and takes more than 12 hours to assemble.

Henry Ford installs first assembly line. It is 150 feet long (46 meters) and made of rope. Man hours to assemble the Model T drops from 12 to 3.

The rope is replaced by a chain. Henry Ford announces the $5 work day, which is more than double of workers’ pay. Employees can now afford to buy the cars they built. 10,000 workers applied for jobs at Ford the next day.

The assembly line helps to lower the price and drive demands across the country.

1918: Half of all cars on the roads are Ford Model T’s.

1927: Henry Ford produces his 15th Million Model T.

Ford uses his assembly line to produce B Liberator Bombers for the US during World War II. First use of assembly line for aircraft production.

Ford Mustang in such high demand it is built in three different facilities.

Ford becomes the first and only automotive company to certify its plants around the world to one of the most demanding set of standards of sustainability. (ISO 4001)

Ford develops the nation’s largest re-development project – it has one of the world’s largest living roofs. 10 acres (40.000 square meters) of living plants and a habitat for wildlife. It absorbs 4 million gallons of rainwater every year. (15,000 cubic meters)

Ford begins to produce gasoline powered hyprid and electric vehicles.

About 16 Ford vehicles are built every 60 seconds around the world. Average assembly line run around 8 miles - some more than 20 miles (13 - 32 kilometers). Ford facilities create 47% less carbon hydroxide than in 2000.

In October 2013, Ford Celebrates the 100th Year of the moving assembly line.

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