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Best Selling Car in the World!

Ford is simply the hottest brand globally!

Consumers buy more of the two Fords than any other vehicle around the globe. 


Overtaking Toyota!

Ford Focus has turned a corner and outsold Toyota Corolla!

  • The number 1 most purchased vehicle in the world 2012: Ford Focus
  • The number 5 most purchased vehicle in the world 2012: Ford Fiesta


"Focus and Fiesta represent the best of our 'One Ford' plan," said Jim Farley, Ford's executive vice president of Global Marketing, Sales and Service and Lincoln.

"In just three years, Ford has transformed our global small car line-up and started winning over customers worldwide with vehicles that are not only fun-to-drive but also fuel-efficient – largely thanks to our award-winning EcoBoost engines."  


The “One Ford Plan”

...ensures Ford’s strategy creating an impressive line-up of vehicles offering leading quality, fuel efficiency, safety, smart design and value.


- Ford Focus
- Ford Fiesta



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