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Conquering High Waters with the Ford Ranger

Conquering High Waters with the Ford Ranger

The ability to deal with extreme weather conditions and hazards such as flooding over roads is something all safe vehicles for aid and development should have. The Ford Ranger meets this requirement head on, as proven through strict wading tests. Here’s what you can expect from the Ford Ranger when meeting high waters:


Safety against unseen high waters

Hitting elevated water levels at speeds of as low as 25 km/h can cause serious damage to a vehicle not designed to handle wading. The Ford Ranger has been designed to mitigate this danger by dispersing the water and ensuring that the wheels remain firmly on the road. This goes a long way to ensuring that the vehicle’s chassis takes as little damage as possible as well as retaining traction and control of the vehicle.


800 mm depth: Cleared

Depths of 800 mm are a common challenge in less developed areas, especially those situated around rivers and with high rainfall. The usual danger posed by water of that depth is that it gets into the vehicle’s air intake and vital components, which can cause severe damage to the engine. 

The Ford Ranger takes its place as one of the toughest and safest vehicles for aid and development with effective component placement. The air intake and vital electrical components are placed higher up on the engine to stay out of the water, while the design of the Ranger’s body once again serves to divert water away from the air intake. Extra protection for the components is also provided by sealed connectors to make sure that even at 800 mm wading depths the Ranger can keep on going strong.


Remaining visible at all times

One of the greatest dangers faced in extreme wet conditions is visibility, especially in the rain and/or at night. But the Ford Ranger’s 230 mm ground clearance and innovative design means your headlamps are kept above the water even at a depth of 800 mm. To make absolutely sure that the Ford Ranger is the safest possible vehicle for aid and development, consider that the high-intensity fog lamps will continue to operate and shine clearly even underwater thus offering enhanced visibility in all conditions. So while the headlamps light the way, the fog lamps help to ensure that you are fully visible to others, and the fog lamps even assist in alerting other drivers as to the water level if they are not yet aware.

Ford has put great effort into designing and manufacturing safe vehicles for aid and development as well as everyday driving, and it shows in the Ford Ranger. Find out how we at Kjaer and Kjaer have made it possible for expats to get the very best of Ford vehicles.

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