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Ford Explorer: not an arbitrary Aid & Development vehicle choice

Ford Explorer

KJAER & KJAER is the proud and authorised provider of project-ready Aid & Development vehicles. While the best part of our service is our capacity to deliver vehicles to any location, the vehicles themselves were hand-picked for the purpose they are intended to serve. Each vehicle has exceptional qualifying attributes.

Why the Ford Explorer?


Perhaps you weren’t aware but the Ford Explorer boasts comfort and space. These two quality characteristics indicate this station wagon’s suitability as a passenger vehicle and a utility vehicle. It can carry up to seven passengers with room to spare.

If expats regard their job as the adventure that it is, an adventure-ready vehicle such as the Explorer is more than apposite. The Ford Explorer was built for activity. It was built for Exploration.


The advanced safety features need to be acknowledged for where terrain is rocky and country is foreign, the reassurance of a safe vehicle is non-negotiable. In fact, no matter the terrain, the Ford Explorer’s Hill Descent Control promises a confident and controlled ride – you can maintain your speed even when travelling downhill. All occupants are kept safe thanks to belt minders, the front passenger sensing system and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System to mention merely a few of the safety attributes.   


Roof rack, skid plates and fog lamps – these vehicles can be navigated anywhere. The LED lighting is specifically durable and longer-lasting than the filament-based lighting. It is also up to 60% more energy-efficient! Driving green is a value upheld by Ford as well as by KJAER & KJAER. It is also a concept that aligns with the nature of Aid & Development.


Ruggedness can, contrary to popular belief, accompany luxury. It manifests in the form of Adaptive Cruise Control. Now you can detect when traffic is (or animals are) slowing, adjust your speed and then resume again without having to react because the Explorer does it for you. We think this is the definition of smart. And smart is an Aid & Development vehicle qualifier. Smart gets the job done.  And smartness is also apparent in the vehicle’s aerodynamic design. Air cushions which hold airflow close to the vehicle minimise its drag and reduce fuel consumption.

By highlighting even a few deciding factors that earn this vehicle our endorsement, its suitability to the purpose under discussion is more than apparent. We don’t take these decisions lightly. 

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