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Ford vehicles geared for aid and development

Ford vehicles geared for aid and development

Getting economic, social and political aid and development support to areas in need it is no small feat, and it all hinges on the effectiveness of teams on the ground. If a supportive body is incapable of providing developmental aid efficiently, the operation and what it hopes to achieve becomes moot. So, here’s the million dollar question: what enables an aid and development programme to be successful and efficient? Easy – the tools they’ve been given to help them do the job they’ve been sent there to do.

Quality mobility

With the momentum developmental programmes have gained over the last two decades, these strategies can be more effective than ever. The only thing you’ll need to make sure of is that your teams have the ability to mobilise and contribute to this global momentum – that’s why it’s important to invest in the quality of their mobility! With KJAER & KJAER’S selection of impressive Ford vehicles specifically designed to tackle daunting terrain, your team’s mission outcome will be in good hands.

Ford vehicles

Consider Ford’s selection of quality vehicles for aid and development as a major investment in your team’s ability to mobilise assets. The All New Ford Everest, for example, is a versatile choice that’ll provide utility and comfort without sacrificing its ability to indifferently conquer treacherous terrain.

Its engine performance has already been tried and tested under extreme conditions, making the challenging task of get your team and their equipment where you need to go safely one less thing you have to worry about!

Safety features

Let’s not forget about the safety features, either. With the All New Ford Everest’s side-curtain airbags, this vehicle’s network of airbag protection can maximise both rear and front seat passenger safety. Its off-road credentials also add to its reputation as one of the most technologically advanced, reliable and safe SUVs on the market today.

It even sports pre-set settings for better control on different terrains, namely:

  • Normal- maximises traction for everyday driving.
  • Gravel/Grass- upshifts earlier and downshifts later to keep engine speeds low.
  • Sand- provides aggressive torque transfer allowing for more wheel spin.
  • Mud/Rut- holds first gear to improve low-speed control while reducing wheel spin.

If you require a more passenger-based SUV vehicle for aid and development, why not consider the Ford Everest for the job? After all, you really can’t go wrong with a Ford in foreign soil!

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