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Moving Abroad? Get International Car Insurance

Get International Car Insurance

Car insurance, whether in a personal or professional capacity, is one of those things one can’t really go without. Usually, the process is simple enough, too. Sourcing a local insurance company that caters to your needs and taking out an insurance plan can be done telephonically or online, but what happens when you’re required to move abroad? Local insurance companies are often not able to provide adequate insurance protection outside of their country’s borders – this is where KJAER & KJAER comes in.

In partnership with Clements Worldwide, our insurance options take you beyond simple, local coverage.  Our REAL LIFE WorldAuto insurance plan (and its accompanying benefits) is tailor-made to provide you with reliable, affordable international vehicle insurance to give you peace of mind while you are abroad.

For the expatriate, who regularly finds himself or herself at the helm a business endeavour on abroad, one needs the insurance policy to match. Allow us to present you with some of the key benefits of investing in a comprehensive, cross-border expatriate car insurance plan:

  • Avoid resource-consuming international administration processes with fast claim handling

Trying to manage your insurance claim from another country is rarely the most executive, bureaucratic process expatriates find themselves dealing with. Avoid unnecessary delays, save resources and administrative costs by choosing the global approach to insurance from the get-go. Get repair authorisation within one to two days!

  • Gain international coverage that’ll succeed where local ones fail

With KJAER & KJAER’S REAL LIFE WorldAuto Vehicle Insurance options, you can be sure that your vehicle will be under comprehensive cover that’ll go the extra mile to facilitate your needs (even where local policies fail to deliver).

  • Get immediate medical attention when required

WorldAuto vehicle insurance provides medical coverage for injured parties both inside and outside of the insured vehicle in the event of a traffic collision, regardless of fault. Making sure that you have access to reliable, life-saving coverage before undertaking a journey abroad can save lives.

Don’t leave things to chance when you have the option of comprehensive, international car insurance that suits your expatriate status perfectly. Rather guarantee that both you and your vehicle in remain geared to take on the task ahead?

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