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Pickup Trucks for Aid and Development Organizations

Pickup Trucks
Aid and Development

We know that Aid and Development organizations face an overwhelming amount of challenges. To ensure a project is successful, the project manager needs to:

  1. Provide a fail proof plan
  2. Provide a method of delivering that plan

KJAER & KJAER supports Aid and Development projects all over the world by providing suitable fleet solutions to help organizations carry out their tasks.

The preferred vehicles for especially challenging terrains and tasks are 4x4 wheel drive, pick-up trucks. These vehicles are ideal for fulfilling multiple purposes without the need for extensive modifications once the vehicles are purchased.

Advantages of Pickup Trucks for Aid & Development

Different pickup trucks are built for specialized purposes; some are built for extremely challenging terrains while others are customised for specific work purposes. KJAER & KJAER provides strong, capable pickup vehicles, such as Ford Rangers, which are ideal as both passenger and work vehicles. The main advantages of a pickup vehicle like the Ford Ranger include:

  • Better towing and transport capability
  • Built for tough terrain conditions
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Cargo bed available to transport and deliver goods

Aid & Development organisations often use pickups as delivery vehicles because the back of the pickups can move a lot of furniture, food and clothing; trailers are also attachable to the vehicle, helping organisations save fuel by moving a lot of heavy equipment and goods in less trips.

Also, no additional driver’s license is required for a pickup truck, which means organisations don’t need to spend time and recourses to have dedicated drivers available for the vehicles.

These vehicles also a greater towing capacity than the average car, giving drivers the ability to move heavy vehicles and objects. In terms of emergency situations, such as removing debris or heavy equipment, a pickup truck is definitely handy to have.

Take a look at our available pickup trucks for Aid & Development organisations.

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