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Prestigious Award

Kjaer & Kjaer receives full appreciation from Ford

In recognition of KJAER & KJAER’s 50 years of outstanding service to the Aid & Development community, Ford celebrated our commitment to “Make it Possible” with a prestigious award personally presented by Hal Feder, Executive Director of Ford Export & Growth to our chairman Mads Kjaer.

Hal Feder: “We are very happy that you have chosen to donate a Ford Ranger as one of the initiatives marking your 50 Year Anniversary.

The All-New Ranger is a best-in-class vehicle and one which, with KJAER & KJAER’s help, will become a familiar workhorse in the international Aid & Development sector.”

The Ford and KJAER & KJAER’s co-operation goes back a long way and both companies share the same core values. ‘People serving people’ is the essence of our philosophies and reflects Henry Ford’s vision of producing a transport solution for life – not luxury.

Take a look at the picture and meet the KJAER & KJAER’s team!

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Top picture:
From left Mads Kjaer, Chairman of Kjaer & Kjaer and Hal Feder, Executive Director of Ford Export & Growth

Bottom picture:
To the left of Ranger from left: Per Lundgren, Chris Kyriakidis, Britt Lightbody, Bo Linnebjerg, Mads Badstue, Bernard Simbe, Troels Lund Mortensen. 
Back of Ranger: Nete Agnes Dahl, Patrick Hartigan, Techa Gil,

Looking out of driver window: Ole Storm

To the right of Ranger back row from left: Kenneth Larsen, Lars Bjerre, Louise Noergaard, Rene Kristensen, Johan R. Kristensen, Rasmus L. Eshoej, Martin Petersen
To the right of Ranger front row from left: Fie Lauenborg, Marianne Moritzen, Veronique Ekie, Kirsten Winther.

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The ability to deal with extreme weather conditions and hazards such as flooding over roads is something all safe vehicles for aid and development should have.
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