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Universal Children’s Day: Fighting for Liberty

There are so many precious children in this world who do not have parents to guide them, care for them and shape them into being the best versions of themselves that they can be.
Children's Day

Every second of the day, another child becomes an orphan because of war, displacement, poverty, violence and drugs. We all have a social responsibility to promote aid and development and reach out to these orphans and contribute to giving these innocent souls the quality of life that they too deserve.

Universal Children’s Day has been given its designated date because it marks the day that the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. On the 20th of November countries around the world must come together and fight for the rights of children who have been stripped of their human rights.

It is part of each individual’s social responsibility to bring back liberty to all of the beautiful young children who do not have the power to stand up for themselves and do not have the means to better life circumstances. This includes children who have bumped heads with the law, who have been rejected by society because of unlawful acts and who are currently facing a future of criminal activities because of their life circumstances, of which they have no control. 

The Worst Forms of Child Labour includes situations where young children are being forced by older children or adults to:

  • Commit theft
  • Partake in doing and dealing drugs
  • Partake in prostitution (human trafficking)
  • Partake in armed conflict
  • Join dangerous gangs 

The Security-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon said that:

“This year, I wish to emphasize the importance of ensuring that the commitments made by the international community to the world’s children are extended to a group of children who are often forgotten or overlooked: those deprived of their liberty."

It is crucial for communities across the globe to draw awareness to the severity of this issue. Sometimes children are involuntarily involved in these ruthless activities up to a point that they are grown up, in which it is too late to sculpt them into the best versions of themselves. We must all stand together on this Universal Children’s Day and fight against those who use children to fulfil their dirty, evil deeds. Together, let’s use aid and development to bring back liberty to all of the innocent children in this world.

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