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Ford Escape


Superior Performance Features

The Ford Escape is equipped with a specially calibrated six-speed SelectShift® Automatic transmission. This makes the driver feel fully engaged in the smooth ride that the Ford Escape delivers. It even has a keyless entry and keyless start feature! The Ford Escape has your back, with park assist via a 4.2” screen rear-view camera.

The Ford Escape parks itself, with intelligent active park assist. Parallel parking is easier with active park assist. Simply push a button, and sensors locate a suitable space as you drive past. The system then steers the vehicle into the space while you control the gear shifter, and brake and accelerator pedals. Park out assist helps you exit in the same way.

The intelligent all-wheel-drive system of the Ford Escape makes use of smart software which uses sensors to analyze data from 25 external signals including:

  • wheel speed
  • accelerator pedal position
  • steering wheel angle
  • road condition
  • driver input
  • active park assist

In addition to the driver, the Ford Escape also provides ample seating for 4 more adults – plus there’s a spacious 456-liter luggage compartment to transport your belongings. And, when required, the split-fold rear seat folds flat to give you even more load-carrying ability.

The Ford Escape comes equipped with SYNC 3® which provides enhanced next-level connectivity to help keep you in touch. You’ll love its new features and easy-to-use interface. Give simple commands and the system responds to your voice.

Uncompromised Safety

The Ford Escape has been designed with intelligent all-wheel-drive to keep the driver alert and safe. Prioritising safety in Ford vehicles means you can enjoy the Ford’s advanced SYNC communication and entertainment system that is voice activated. This means that the driver never needs to take their eyes off of the road for music or phone-calls, it is all hands free.

Every instrument and screen is clearly visible, so just a quick glance gets the information you need without diverting your attention from the road ahead.

The Ford Escape is kitted out with driver, knee and passenger airbags, and an ingenious Passive Anti-theft System (PATS) which uses radio frequency identification technology to deter a driveway theft.

The Ford Escape comes with standard Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and 7 airbags, which means the Ford Escape is designed to help you steer clear of an accident, or, if a collision is unavoidable, to help minimize its potential consequences.

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Consumption without Compromise

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The Ford Escape is run by an EcoBoost® engine which allows you to limit consumption without compromising on performance. The EcoBoost® petrol engines incorporate direct fuel injection with turbocharging and variable valve timing to offer the performance of a large engine with the fuel efficiency of a small engine

Whichever you choose, the Ford Escape delivers on performance that will have you volunteering to give everyone a lift just to get to drive it!

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5 Year Warranty

All Ford vehicles supplied by KJAER & KJAER comes with the best warranty available in the International Aid & Development sector.


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