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Ford Ranger

Built For the Extreme

The Ford Ranger packs enough power to punch through the toughest of terrain conditions. The All New Ranger’s engine and performance has proven to perform at extreme levels, under the most pressurized of conditions.

  • Payload - up to 1,300 Kg
  • Wading depth - up to 800 mm
  • Ground clearance - up to 237 mm

*Specifications may vary

Going further with less

Available with a new 2.5-liter petrol engine or a choice of new 2.2- and 3.2-liter diesel engines. Each of these high-tech units combines power and efficiency with exceptional range coverage.

Engine HP (kW) Torque (Nm)
2.5L I-4 petrol 122 226
2.2L I-4 low-output diesel 88 285
2.2L I-4 high-output diesel 110 375
3.2L I-5 diesel 147 470

*May vary according to model

Compromising terrains? Ranger provides uncompromised safety features

when you travel through extreme conditions, you need a truck capable of meeting those conditions. Your safety is non-negotiable and the Ranger doesn’t negotiate:

  • All-New Ford Ranger has the highest ratings Euro NCAP has ever awarded for passenger protection.
  • The 9000 simulated pre-production collision tests laid the foundation for the safest pickup in the market
  • 5-star rating with a 89% score on overall vehicle safety
  • Superior airbag protection for driver and passengers

Watch amazing footage of the Ford RANGER torture tested in the most extreme conditions

Built to be a working vehicle, the Ford RANGER has been tested and perfected in:

  • Heat
  • Mud
  • Ice
  • Desert
  • Off-road
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