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Ranger Base+

When your priority is getting the job done,
Ford Ranger Base+

Superior Performance Features

The Ranger Base+ is the Ford you drive when your priority is to get the job done. Available in double and single cab the Ford Ranger Base+ is versatile, powerful and economical.

Check out the Ford Ranger Base+’s impressive specs

Uncompromised Safety

The Ford Ranger Base+ is committed to both your work and your safety. It is apt as an aid and development vehicle due to its power without compromising protecting the driver and passengers. It is equipped with superior air bag protection, antilock brake system (ABS) and even a belt minder to make sure the driver is always wearing their seatbelt.

As an expatriate vehicle you can rest assured that no matter where you need to be you and your passengers will arrive safely in the Ford Ranger Base+.

Consumption without Compromise

The size and power of the Ford Ranger Base+ does not suggest the fuel-efficiency it provides. With a diesel engine type turbo with intercooler and a (L) 80 fuel tank capacity you can go further than ever before. This Ford Ranger is economical, safe and tough as nails. For the quality Ford vehicle drivers have come to expect the Ford Ranger Base+ is exactly that.

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