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Ford EcoSport

“Agile, capable and packed with features designed to conquer any road, pothole or rough surface”


Ford EcoSport combines the agility, affordability and fuel efficiency of a compact car with the versatility and spaciousness of an SUV. Its high driving position, rugged capability, superior fuel economy, easy manoeuvrability, and convenient features make it the right vehicle for both city streets and adventurous pursuits – with enough space for five adults. 


Drive quality

The EcoSport puts 200 mm of ground clearance between you and the road, potholes, ditches or whatever else is in the way. Drivers can confidently venture through large pools of water with its exceptional 550 mm water-wading capability.

Inside, soft-touch fabrics and feeling of superior quality and craftsmanship. Controls and knobs are ergonomically positioned while seats are designed to be soft enough for comfort and firm enough for longer journeys. Meticulous efforts to reduce noise, vibration and harshness ensure a quite cabin. Add to this a very effective climate control system, and any driver will be very comfortable in the EcoSport.


Drive green

The design and engineering team spent a year and a half shaping the body of the EcoSport to make it more efficient when slicing through the air. They spent 160 hours in the wind tunnel tweaking mere millimetres and put more than 10.000 hours on computational fluid dynamics simulations to find the perfect silhouette.  

This hard work resulted in an aerodynamic shape, which combined with the engines that are both powerful and economical, ensures that the Ford EcoSport takes you to your destination, without hurting the pocket. Limited wind resistance equals less fuel and lower running costs.


Drive safe

The EcoSport has been designed to provide high levels of protection and driver support through a range of advanced features. About half of this vehicle’s body structure is made up of high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, such as boron steel, making the Ford EcoSport’s frame especially strong yet lightweight too.

To take the stress out of driving, the EcoSport comes with an array of driver-assist systems. Anti-lock brake system (ABS) is available on all models and helps prevent the wheels from locking up and helps the vehicle to stop quickly on slippery road surfaces.  


Drive smart

Ford EcoSport makes driving fun and intuitive with an array of smart features, including Ford SYNC, the voice-activated in-car connectivity system. This system allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel while choosing their favourite music.

The cabin also has 20 practical storage spaces, including a glove box that can keep up to six beverage cans cool. Its cargo space at the back is just as versatile. The rear seats can easily be folded down for additional cargo space. With the rear seats tumbled against the front seats, the boot space increases to 705 litres, big enough to fit a washing machine.  

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