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“Steering towards a greener future” 


Welcome to a transformative journey with the Nissan Leaf, tailored specifically for organizations focused on combating climate change and adhering to sustainable practices. The Nissan Leaf, a leader in the electric vehicle domain, epitomizes innovation in transportation. It aligns perfectly with the goals of international agencies that are striving to green their fleets as part of their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Embrace a future where technology and eco-conscious practices go hand in hand, driving towards a greener, more sustainable world.


The Nissan Leaf, recognized globally for its versatility and eco-friendliness, offers multiple driving modes to suit various operational needs without compromising on environmental values. The standard range 39kWh battery offers around 270km on a single charge, ensuring reliability for both urban and extended journeys.

Adapting to various driving needs, the Nissan Leaf incorporates Nissan’s e-Pedal technology, which simplifies driving by allowing acceleration and braking with a single pedal. This, combined with its B-model for enhanced regenerative braking, maximizes energy efficiency, crucial for organizations aiming to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. This means that when you lift your foot off the accelerator, the car will slow down more aggressively than it does in normal driving mode, capturing more energy from the braking process. This can be particularly useful in city driving where frequent stopping is required, as it helps to maximize the vehicle’s range by returning more power to the battery. This is often referred to as “one-pedal driving”.

Engine and performance

Transitioning to electric mobility with the Nissan Leaf means embracing a vehicle equipped with a powerful electric powertrain that delivers instant torque for rapid acceleration and responsive handling. The standard model, featuring a 39kWh battery, provides a solid balance of efficiency and performance, suitable for the daily operational needs of organizations. Transitioning to the Nissan Leaf helps reduce air and noise pollution, aligning with sustainable development goals by promoting cleaner, more efficient transportation solutions. Its performance meets the essential demands of various organizational activities, efficiently utilizing electric power without the environmental burden of combustion engines.

Safety features

The Nissan Leaf prioritizes safety with its advanced suite of safety technologies that enhance operational confidence and security. The vehicle is equipped with intelligent around view mirror, rear cross traffic alert, and intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition. These features aid in maneuvering through complex traffic conditions and challenging urban environments. Additionally, the Leaf has earned a 5-star Euro NCAP raging, confirming its high standards of safety. This robust safety profile ensures that the Leaf meets the rigorous demands for fleet safety in various operational contexts.

Interior and comfort

Step inside the Nissan Leaf and discover a blend of comfort and advanced technology, designed with sustainability in mind. The vehicle’s interior features seats upholstered with materials made from recycled PET bottles and bio-based fabrics, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Equipped with an intuitive 8” touchscreen featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the Nissan Leaf ensures seamless integration of digital tools essential for organizations active in global initiatives.

The spacious cabin and comfortable seating are perfect for daily commutes and longer journeys, offering a pleasant and efficient travel experience that aligns with sustainable practices.

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