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Stemming from over forty years of experience delivering vehicles to developing regions, KJAER & KJAER is committed to providing our clients with a positive and efficient experience in procuring reliable quality vehicles at competitive prices, as well as offering industry-leading aftersales support through our extensive worldwide network. KJAER & KJAER is authorized by leading manufacturers and supplies Ford vehicles, Honda motorcycles and Continental tyres. 


We pride ourselves on being a company that strives to be a part of the greater good, and take immense satisfaction in the role we play in helping our clients carry out valuable aid and development projects that would be nearly impossible without the appropriate vehicle.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to bring your projects to light. We understand the limited budgets of most aid and development organizations, and we have built our product portfolio to reflect that. At KJAER & KJAER, our account managers work on a personal level with our clients to ensure that the vehicle you buy is also the vehicle you need. These account managers serve as a single point of contact at all hours of the day from the beginning of the procurement process, to completing the sale, to delivery, and to post-sales support.

Support of UN Global Compact

Human rights, free movement of labour, environmental consciousness, and anti-corruption initiatives are just a few of the areas of focus in which KJAER & KJAER takes active part. In 2003, we signed the United Nations Global Compact, committing ourselves to doing our part to eradicate the structural, societal, and political problems that plague developing regions, particularly in the area of corruption.  


In 2007 we affirmed our support for a cleaner environment by joining Caring for the Climate, a United Nations environmental initiative. We employ various methods to reduce our carbon footprint and operate in a clean manner. Examples include our preference to provide four-stroke engine motorcycles (greater longevity, fuel efficiency, and no oil combustion), streamlined fleet management and tracking methodology (less wasted human capital), and newer vehicles (including engines all-new engines designed with fuel efficiency and power in mind).  

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