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Nissan Ariya

“Driving change for a sustainable future”

Aligning with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints, lower air and noise pollution, the Nissan Ariya introduces a new dimension in electric mobility. This 100% electric crossover is engineered not just to meet, but to exceed the environmental standards required by organizations dedicated to sustainability. The Nissan Ariya is not just about driving; it is about experiencing the future today. Choose from multiple battery capacities, range options, and drive types to customize your ride for ultimate control and confidence on the road.
The Nissan Ariya is not just a vehicle; it is a commitment to a cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable future.


The Nissan Ariya redefines the essence of movement with its sophisticated electric powertrain. Experience seamless acceleration and the quiet strength of instant torque that ensures driving is both smoother and quieter. Choose between the efficient 63kWh or the extended-range 87kWh battery – either way the Ariya is designed to ensure your destination with energy to spare. The standard range battery offers around 400km and the 87kWh battery offers up to 530km on a single charge. While the e-4ORCE all-wheel-drive system offers enhanced stability for those who need it, the front-wheel drive version stands out by balancing performance with exceptional energy efficiency, providing a reliable and dynamic driving experience.

Engine and performance

The Ariya delivers a quiet, comfortable experience with confident handling, designed to meet the rigorous demands of international development agencies. Available with two battery options, the Ariya produces up to 300Nm of torque, delivering swift and smooth acceleration along with balanced power distribution that excels in various weather conditions. This performance is complemented by a thoughtfully designed battery pack, which not only enhances vehicle structural integrity but also contributes to a spacious, flat cabin floor – optimizing interior comfort and accessibility. Enhanced suspension components are optimized to leverage this design, ensuring stable handling and a comfortable ride while also suppressing vibrations and noise from entering the cabin space.

Safety features

Independent safety experts at Euro NCAP awarded the Nissan Ariya its top five-star score, recognizing its excellent safety standards. The Ariya is equipped with an intelligent 360-degree around view monitor, simplifying maneuvering in challenging environments. Additionally, the blind spot monitoring system alerts you to vehicles alongside, when changing lanes, and rear cross traffic alert system warns of vehicles crossing your path while reversing.

While higher trims of the Ariya include the ProPILOT suit of semi-autonomous safety systems, the standard model is still robustly equipped with intelligent safety technologies. These features ensure that every journey is not only safe but also stress-free, allowing drivers to focus on their mission.

The Nissan Ariya is more than just a vehicle; it is a reliable companion that brings the future of environmentally responsible driving directly to your organization. It is crafted to provide peace of mind with cutting-edge safety features while promoting sustainability and efficiency, aligning perfectly with the values and operational needs of international agencies.

Interior and comfort

The interior of the Nissan Ariya exemplifies sustainable design, focusing on spaciousness and ergonomics. It features zero gravity seats and a flat floor layout that maximizes comfort during long journeys. The use of eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technology, such as the twinned 12.3-inch screens – instruments and infotainment – ensures that every interaction with the Ariya is intuitive and productive. The vehicle’s serene cabin environment is further enhanced by noise reduction features, providing a peaceful workspace on the go.

The Ariya seats 5 persons comfortably. The driving position is quite favorable. The elevated seating offers a clear view over the road, with the seat aligning well with both the steering wheel and pedals. All models feature electric seat adjustments, including lumbar support, enhancing driver comfort. This higher seating position provides excellent forward visibility. In the rear, there is ample knee space, and the seats are notably deep, offering substantial support for the legs on long journeys.

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