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Logistics & Customer Care

”Customer service is not a department – it’s an attitude”


At KJAER & KJAER, we are dedicated to crafting the most optimal logistics solution for each project. We know that logistics is a truly critical piece of the procurement puzzle. Throughout the process we provide visibility, insight, and continuous feedback.

Our pre-shipment process includes coordination between relevant parties, such as purchasing, workshop and fitment partners, shipping agents, inspection companies, forwarding and clearing agents. We pay close attention to country specific documentation requirements and engage in proactive dialogue with recipients to guarantee hassle-free shipments.

With over 50 years of experience in delivering project vehicles and motorcycles globally, we partner with industry-leading forwarders to ensure your peace of mind.

Step by step

  • Initial coordination: Contact all relevant parties to outline the order flow and confirm the estimated delivery timeframe. Request necessary information and documents.
  • Order preparation: If orders are supplied from one of our stock locations, they will be booked for shipment and/or fitments as needed.
  • Booking and shipping confirmation: Forward booking confirmations, followed by a confirmed shipping schedule.
  • Shipping documentation: Distribute shipping documents by courier service at the time of departure. Documents may include bills of lading, commercial invoice, packing list and certificate of origin.
  • Delivery updates: Send updates on delivery status to relevant contacts throughout the transportation process to the final destination.
  • Customer care response: Maintain fast response times as a customer care KPI. Promptly answer all inquiries to ensure high information flow and smooth delivery.
  • Order finalization: Confirm the secure arrival of the order and note feedback, if any.

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Logistics & Customer Care Specialist

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