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Off-Road training

We are thrilled to share a testimonial from our recent Off-Road Driver Training Event, hosted by KJAER & KJAER in collaboration with Autoworld Zimbabwe. Held at the 4×4 Club Site at Donnybrook Motorsports Complex, this event was meticulously designed to enhance off-road driving skills through both theoretical insights and practical, hands-on learning.

Participants kicked off the day with a warm reception and an engaging presentation by the Autoworld team. They then participated in hands-on demonstrations aboard the robust ISUZU D-MAX, covering crucial techniques for navigating various terrains, understanding vehicle dynamics, and the functionalities of different off-road features. The event was further enriched by a presentation on tire management, thanks to Dunlop, providing valuable insights into maintaining optimal tire performance.

Feedback from the participants highlights significant improvements in their job performance as drivers:

  • Increased confidence and competence in handling off-road driving situations.
  • Improved ability to assess and mitigate risks associated with off-road driving.
  • Enhanced efficiency and safety in field operations requiring off-road capabilities.
  • Better vehicle maintenance knowledge leading to reduced operational costs.

The training, titled “4×4 Off-Road Driving Essentials,” held on 12th April 2024, not only equipped participants with necessary skills for safe and effective off-road driving but also allowed them to appreciate the capabilities of the Isuzu as a superior off-road vehicle. Participants gained hands-on experience in vehicle management, from pre-trip checks and defensive driving to engaging different drive modes and understanding differential locks.

This gathering served not only as an educational platform but also as a fantastic opportunity for attendees from international NGOs, UN agencies, and local ministries to connect and share insights. We are committed to fostering a continued community spirit among those who drive with a purpose.

If you or your organization are interested in participating in or arranging a similar event in other locations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are eager to extend these valuable learning opportunities to more customers. We look forward to welcoming you to future trainings and continuing to support your professional growth and operational success.