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Service and Maintenance Plans

Ford Supported Service plans

Operating vehicle fleet is costly and over a typical 4-5 year project would add up to $7.000-$9.000. Further, costs are often unpredictable and make budgeting difficult. However, a properly maintained vehicle fleet lasts longer and runs more efficiently. 


Reducing or even eliminating risk of future uncertainty and costs, KJAER & KJAER offers a wide selection of Ford approved peace-of-mind plans. The Extended Service Plans (ESP) from Ford are extra protection for your new vehicle and cover a spectrum of maintenance services. As plans are prepaid you are protected against rising maintenance costs due to inflation and currency fluctuations. 

All Ford plans are 100% backed by Ford Motor Company and performed by the local Ford dealer.  

No other manufacturer in the Aid & Development industry provides this clear and comprehensive coverage by taking the risk out of vehicle ownership. These plans are uniquely and exclusively offered for Ford vehicles only. 


Majority of our customers choose the Ford Premium Maintenance Plan, which includes: 

  • All regular scheduled maintenance services for a specific period or mileage of your choosing 
  • Replacement of wear and tear items for the duration of the contract period, which includes brakes, clutch disc, engine belts & hoses, wiper blades, shock absorbers and spark plugs 

Flexible Service Plans

If project or geographical conditions prevent you from making use of the Ford Extended Services Plans, you have the option of choosing either to service your vehicle at your own workshop or at an independent workshop with our full support: 

  • Service schedules 
  • Service literature 
  • Technical support 
  • Service and replacements parts  
  • Spare parts catalogues 

Please let our technical specialist give you more information on this.  

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