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Motorcycle warranty

As exclusive international supplier of Honda motor cycles to the UN and Aid & Development sector, KJAER & KJAER A/S is responsible for handling, supporting and managing any potential guarantee and warranty incident. KJAER & KJAER do so in dialogue with your office and/or project recipient to ensure maximum efficiency and least possible inconvenience and delay. 


KJAER & KJAER warrants for a designated period of time or specific mileage that we will cover the cost of repair or replacement of any part, which proves to be defective in materials or workmanship. 


The warranty period begins on the date of delivery in accordance to the INCOTERM 2010 specified on the sales invoice. 

The Honda warranty of 1 year or 12.000 km, whichever comes first, covers components on the motorcycle and the repair cost to those components if the failure is due to manufacturer defect or workmanship. 

Key Maintenance Fundamentals

Keeping your motorcycle well-maintained is absolutely essential to your safety and to protect your investment, obtain maximum performance and avoid breakdowns. To ensure safety, follow these key maintenance fundamentals (details are in the Owner’s Manual received with the motorcycle): 

  • The drive chain must be inspected and lubricated regularly. 
  • Perform a pre-ride inspection and make sure that any problem you find is corrected. 
  • Always use Honda Genuine Parts or their equivalents to ensure reliability and safety. 
  • Check the engine oil level regularly. 
  • Regularly visually inspect tyres. 
  • Clean the battery terminals if they become dirty or corroded. 

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