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Mary’s Meals is changing the lives of school children in Malawi

Watch this video to learn how the Ford Ranger Pick Up vehicles are supporting Mary’s Meals in their remarkable work in Malawi. Mary’s Meals provides a nutritious daily meal to children in a place of education. By doing so they meet the immediate needs of hungry children and encourage them to go to school to gain an education.

Mary’s Meals began by feeding 200 children in Malawi. Today they feed more than one million hungry children every day. Some of the schools are in hard-to-reach areas and this is where the off-road capabilities of the Ford Ranger assist them in the daily operations.

Operations manager, Mr. Edward Chapasuka, describes the value of services offered by both KJAER & KJAER and the in-market Ford dealership, CFAO Malawi, from time of ordering until the vehicles arrived at their destination.

Mary’s Meals chose to include the prepaid Ford Extended Service Plan, which covers all the service and maintenance requirements for a period suitable to their requirements. Read more about it here.

We are proud to support Edward and the fantastic team in Malawi.

If you would like to learn more about Mary’s Meals projects, please see here

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